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Union Spotlight

About the Union Spotlight

The Union Spotlight, also known as the "Spotlight," is an 8-page newsletter that is published three times a year. Articles on topics of interest to the general union membership are welcome. To submit an article, contact Cortney Marabetta, editor, at or 206-432-8084.

If you would like to update your address or go digital, please contact Cortney Marabetta as above.

View the most recent issue of the Spotlight here, and the Retiree Chapter insert here

Every year, the Spotlight features a themed article in each issue. We try to select themes that are timely, and we often choose themes with a labor and/or education focus. We seek guest authors and interviews to fill these slots in the Spotlight. 

2022's theme was, broadly, misinformation. We featured three articles on the topic. The March article focused on how to break the misinformation cycle, with discussion of tools specifically designed to verify information, and also the role that librarians play in our communities. The June article focused on self-education as a way to combat the