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Anti-racism Resources

The Anti-Racism in Collective Bargaining Project began in 2021 at the direction of President Karen Strickland and the AFT Washington Executive Board. Both Kimberly McRae and David Ortiz became Co-Managers who, along with Karen Strickland, recruited member contributors to the project.

The first report has been completed. The scope of work was to develop guiding equity principles for crafting and promoting anti-racist language in CBAs, evaluate CBAs to identify language with a potential racist impact, and provide examples of anti-racist language. Ten locals submitted their contracts for review


This collection of anti-racism links and resources may be of use to locals as they work to also become anti-racist. We will add to the collection regularly.

Links and Articles

From a 2023 convention workshop on the Anti-Racism In Collective Bargaining Language tool, this slide deck illustrates the connection between the public health crisis of racism and building anti-racist language and ideas into our CBAs. 

The Diversity & Equity in Hiring and Professional Development team have created a document examining DEI at Washington state's 34 community and technical colleges

In 2020, King