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How To Support Bills Virtually

Make your voice heard on legislation that matters to our students and educators

When we work to pass important legislation, we show up to support it. This means lobbying our legislators and testifying in committees where legislation is being heard. The hybrid session system we use means that you have several ways of registering that support.

You can sign in in support of the legislation when it is being heard in committee, which is similar to signing a petition. If you want to testify virtually, you can sign in to do that, but it must be at least one hour before the meeting begins. You may also submit your testimony in writing up to 24 hours after the bill has been heard.

How this works in practice:

Start by clicking this link. You will be asked which chamber or agency you would like to submit testimony for. You can always tell from the bill number which chamber you're looking for. Senate bill numbers start with SB, while House bill numbers start with HB. Later in the session as bills get amended, the name may change to something like ESHB, for Engrossed Substitute House Bill, but the last two letters are the chamber.

Once you select the chamber or agency, you'll be asked which committee and which meeting you are submitting testimony for. Then you select the bill on the agenda that you are supporting. The dropdown then allows you to select the type of testimony you want to give, and there is a description of the different kinds of testimony below the dropdown box. You may testify, in person or via Zoom, submit written testimony, or state your position. Follow the prompts for your chosen testimony, and you're done!

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