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AFT Leadernet

AFT LeaderNet offers a wealth of AFT news and information, along with useful resources such as media news clips, newsletter templates, a gallery of images and photos, important financial forms, a complete archive of AFT resolutions dating back to 1980, a collective bargaining center, a political action center, the ability to conduct online surveys, and much more. Particularly if you are a new leader, the resources available on LeaderNet are invaluable, and they are useful at all stages of your union journey.
The broad topics on LeaderNet include Governance & Administration; Our Members (constituency information); Collective Bargaining & Research; Organizing & Mobilization; Community Engagement; Politics & Legislation; and Communications. There are many, many sub-topics included in each of those categories. It is absolutely worth a detailed look, and using it will save you time getting answers to a lot of questions that come up in local leadership.
To get started with LeaderNet, email and include the name, email address, and local affiliate name & number of the person you are registering.

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