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Anti-Racism Education Resources

This collection of anti-racism links and resources may be of use to locals as they work to also become anti-racist. We will add to the collection regularly.

Links and Articles

From a 2023 convention workshop on the Anti-Racism In Collective Bargaining Language tool, this slide deck illustrates the connection between the public health crisis of racism and building anti-racist language and ideas into our CBAs. 

The Diversity & Equity in Hiring and Professional Development team have created a document examining DEI at Washington state's 34 community and technical colleges

In 2020, King County joined many other counties across the nation in declaring racism a public health crisis. You can read more about that on the King County Executive's website.

The pandemic ushered in a dramatic increase in anti-Asian violence; AFT member Tracy Lai (AFT Seattle Local 1789) wrote about how she fights it in a powerful and thought-provoking essay that identifies the white supremacy underlying America's historical and contemporary relationship with AAPI people and communities and serves as a crucial reminder that racism is not "only" anti-Blackness.

White supremacy takes some very subtle forms. You may have read the 1999 article by Tema Okun, White Supremacy Culture. She has updated it with White Supremacy Culture - Still Here, and a longer book, hosted on her website

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