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Part-time Unemployment: Making the law work for us

It's getting close to summer and once again our members are faced with filing for unemployment benefits. For contingent faculty, it's not always easy. Here are some key points about applying from Wendy Rader-Konofalski, WEA Lobbyist, at a workshop she presented for AFT Washington members last year. If you have any questions, contact Richard Burton, AFT Washington Internal Organizer, who staffs the Contingent Faculty Issues Committee.

Mythopedia, Debunking Myths About Laws and Rights

Mythopedia, a project of Media Matters for America, was created as a website to debunk the most common myths and lies on anything from elections to environment to national security to right-to-work laws. For example: Workers in states without right-to-work laws are forced to unionize is not true. Fact: forced union membership is banned by federal law. Check out their website at:

Getting Updated Employee Information

Employee information is essential to your ability to effectively represent the bargaining unit members of your local, but unfortunately, many locals have no information, partial information or disorganized information. Having this information at your fingertips also means that communications about union meetings, events and opportunities will be easy to provide and that outreach to bargaining unit members who haven’t yet joined the union can occur on a regular basis.


Washington's Archaic Revenue System is Worst in Nation

“Washington’s tax system is the most regressive in the nation, placing a disproportionate burden on those with the lowest incomes.” – TIME Magazine

Transparency is Purpose of Required Local Audits

As local leaders, you share AFT’s desire to protect members by operating in an open and transparent manner. Engrained in that transparency is for members to know how its local is spending their dues, which helps establish trust and confidence in the local and its officers.  To that end, annual audits of each local’s financial records are required in order for locals to remain in compliance with AFT. Below are the basic rules for what kind of audit a local needs, which is dependent upon how many members it has: fewer than 1,000 or more than 1,000 members.

Health Care Information for Contingent Faculty

Affordable Care Act Information

Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires large employers to offer insurance coverage to their full-time employees, defined as one who is employed on average at least 30 hours per week. AFT has been following the ACA closely and has developed a website that may be helpful for you as you have questions about coverage. This information can also be useful for bargaining.


Labor Education and Research Center has lots of resources

Looking for classes on organizing or shop steward training? Want to find out about labor history in our state? How about checking out a labor video for your next member meeting? You can find all of this and much more through the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center at which is located at the Georgetown Campus branch of South Seattle Community College.

Labor and Working-Class History Association (LWCHA)

LAWCHA is an organization of scholars, teachers, students, labor educators, and activists who seek to promote public and scholarly awareness of labor and working-class history through research, writing, and organizing. Visit their website at where you can find labor history news, events, actions, and more.

Want A Website For Your Local?

In this day and age, people look to the Web for information. As a result, organizations almost always need to have a website to compliment their communications. Unfortunately, not everyone has the expertise or time to maintain a local web site.

For this reason, AFT hosts free web sites to affiliated locals. To take advantage of this benefit, contact Sylvia Watson, AFT Washington Communications Coordinator, at 206-432-8084 or Sylvia can help get your site set up and even provide hands-on training.