Bylaws Require Locals to Submit Audit or Financial Review

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It may be time for your local to send your audit or financial review to AFT and AFT Washington. Below you will find information from the AFT and AFT Washington Bylaws regarding these required reports.

AFT Bylaws, Article IX, Affiliate Audit and Financial Review Requirements
Section 3. AFT affiliates with fewer than 1,000 members, excluding retirees, are required to submit to the AFT annually, and within six months of the close of the affiliate’s fiscal year, an audit of its financial statements by an independent CPA in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, or a financial review of the affiliate’s financial statements conducted by an internal audit committee in accordance with AFT guidelines for audit committees. Appended to the audit or financial review must be a signed certification by the affiliate’s principal officer that the current audit or financial review has been presented at a specified regular or special meeting of the affiliate’s governing body and published and made available to the members.

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