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2017 Professional Development Conference for PreK-12 and Higher Ed Members

Registration is open for AFT Washington Classified Members for our annual professional development conference which will be held on Saturday, March 18 from 8:30 AM to 2 PM at Giaudrone Middle School, 4902 So. Alaska St., Tacoma. 

There will be 2-hour or 4-hour workshops on working with students who have autism, workplace bullying, tips and tools using Microsoft Office, and more. No fee to attend but registration is required so that we have an accurate count for handouts and breakfast and lunch.

Register at

Contingent Faculty Issues Conference 2017

Registration is open for our Contingent Faculty Issues Conference on Saturday, April 8th at the South Seattle Georgetown Campus. This conference is held for contingent and/or adjunct faculty to meet one another, learn and share strategies on key issues, and organize for equity and respect. Bearing in mind the new and uncertain political situation at the federal level, the conference will also focus on the importance of defending and strengthening public education, labor unions, and human and civil rights.

There is no registration fee but registration is required at



Statement by Karen Strickland on the Anniversary of Executive Order 9066

January 16, 2017

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." This quote, initially stated long ago either by Edmund Burke or George Santayana,  seems especially relevant today, as the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 approaches. Executive Order 9066 was President F. D. Roosevelt’s order to incarcerate roughly 120,000 Japanese Americans during WWII . . .


AFT Leaders Oppose Trump's Executive Order

In his first week in office, President Trump began implementing his campaign promise to target refugees and immigrants.

On Friday, Trump signed an executive order that effectively prohibits the entry into the United States of Muslim citizens of seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The order affects approximately 25,000 people holding student and work visas, and as many as 500,000 people who are permanent legal residents of the United States.


Weingarten speaks on the future of public education

In a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., AFT President Randi Weingarten juxtaposed two approaches for education that would have vastly different consequences for America's students. Either build on the bipartisan consensus of the Every Student Succeeds Act to provide all families with access to great neighborhood public schools, or promote the dangerous, destructive approaches that Donald Trump's education secretary nominee advocates to undermine and privatize public education.


Our 2017 Legislative Agenda

The Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) is comprised of six members and three AFT Washington staff that have participated in a series of meetings evaluating the past 2016 session. The LAC divided up into three groups to analyze potential areas of concern that could be addressed this legislative session. The final meeting of the LAC culminated in a joint meeting with the WEA which created the final agenda and strategy for the upcoming 2017 session. AFT Washington's Executive Board approved this agenda.

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