Contingent Faculty

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Mission Statement of the Contingent Faculty Issues Committee

The mission of the CFIC is to empower contingent and part-time faculty to improve their working conditions, and in turn improve their students’ learning conditions.

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CFIC Chair: Jacqui Cain, Vice President for Contingent Faculty at AFT WA, cfic.chair AT

CFIC Staff Support: Enrie Marusya, Union Organizing Representative, emarusya AT or 206-495-8589

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2019 Adjuncts Building Community Conference

On Saturday, October 26, we will hold our Contingent Faculty Issues Conference at South Seattle College's Georgetown Campus. We offer workshops, tabletop discussions on certain topics, role playing, student loan debt clinic, and free lunch. 

This conference brings together faculty members from several community colleges. The workshops are led by faculty members and include.