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AFT Washington Statement on Senate Budget Proposal

“Unrealistic, Unsustainable, and Unfair”

AFT Washington Statement on Senate Budget Proposal

The budget proposal the Senate released on Wednesday is unrealistic, unsustainable, and unfair. It’s a mishmash of bad compromises driven by internal political strife in the Senate that will hurt education and vital public services and will damage our state’s economic recovery.


AFT Washington Files PDC Complaint Against PAC on Candidate Mailing

10/25/12 - The American Federation of Teachers in Washington State (AFT Washington) today has filed a complaint against the Stand for Children Washington’s Political Action Committee (PAC) with the state Public Disclosure Commission. The PAC improperly used AFT Washington’s logo as an endorsement on their candidate mailing for Sylvester Cann who is running for the House of Representatives in the 46th district.



UW Extension Lecturers Approve Union


For Immediate Release                        March 25, 2011

Contact: Sandra Schroeder, President, 206-715-1824; Sylvia Watson, 206-261-3603

UW Extension Lecturers Approve Union
First lecturers at UW to unionize

SEATTLE – Extension Lecturers at the University of Washington (UW) have overwhelmingly agreed -- by 83 percent -- to unionize. The Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission certified this week that 56 out of 67 approved unionization – the state’s first bargaining unit of its kind. [more]




Part-time Professors Get Unemployment Advice from the Pros

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest.  - John Dewey

May 16, 2012
Chris Thomas, Producer

RENTON, Wash. - Getting unemployment benefits can be a challenge, particularly for those in temporary jobs. This weekend, part-time college instructors are getting a short course in how and when to file for unemployment. [click here to read full story or hear audio]



WNS | Paraeducators Protest Work Cutbacks - and Win

August 15, 2011 | Washington News Service

TACOMA, Wash. - As many schools ponder cutting another ten percent from their budgets in the coming months at the governor's request, the Tacoma School District's decision not to cut some employees' hours is a stark contrast. Those employees are paraeducators, who work one-on-one with students with severe physical or learning disabilities. Already some of the lowest-paid workers at schools, their hours were going to be trimmed by 30 minutes a day. [more]

UW Extension Lecturers Vote to Unionize

Washington News Service | March 28, 2011

Seattle, WA - While labor unions – and union-busting efforts – are making headlines elsewhere in the nation, a new union local is being formed on the University of Washington campus without a controversy. The lecturers who work in the Educational Outreach English Language Program say the nature of their work has put them in a kind of limbo. They want to clarify how they are classified on the job, and to have a voice on campus. Comments from Richard Moore, one of the lecturers. [more]


Statement from Faculty Regarding Lay-offs at Bates Technical College



April 22, 2010

Contact: Sylvia Watson, AFT Washington, 206-261-3603; 206-432-8084

On April 9, with little notice, the Board of Trustees at Bates Technical College called a special meeting when college employees were on spring break. The purpose: to take advantage of a technicality in a little-known law that allowed them to declare a "financial emergency" and thereby contravene portions of their contract with the faculty at the college. The vote was 3-1 in favor of the declaration. The board acted at the behest of the interim college president, Lyle Quasim, who had served on the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges when that board took steps to allow the colleges in the system to take this dramatic step.


Higher Education Biggest Loser in House Budget Plan

March 31, 2009

News Release

Sandra Schroeder, 206-715-1824 or
Sylvia Watson, 206-261-3603 or

Shortchanges Students, the Unemployed, and State's Economic Future

"The House's proposed budget today dealt a devastating blow to higher education in our state, and thousands of students will not be able to access higher education,” said Sandra Schroeder, union President of the American Federation of Teachers in Washington State.

Rep. Kathy Haigh, one of the budget writers, said at today's press conference, "This budget gives the biggest hit to the higher education system." [more]