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Welcome to our web page on Social Security and Pension. This is the place where we will provide resources, information, news, and tools you can use on the Social Security program. You'll find direct links or you can download the documents under "Additional Resources" below. We hope you find this helpful!



"Social Security: Vital to Washington Women and Families." Do you know that 70,500 children in Washington State receive Social Security because of the loss of a parent's income due to death, disability, or retirement?

The National Women's Law Center has produced a one-page flyer (downloadable below) that shows how important Social Security is for women and families. The flyer gives the following facts:

  • Social Security is a family insurance plan that provides retirement benefits and life and disability insurance for over 1 million people.
  • Social Security is a critical anti-poverty program for Washington women and families.

Social Security Works Washington

Social Security Works Washington is a statewide advocacy coalition made up of over 40 labor, community, women's and retiree groups working to preserve and expand Social Security. Their website has a wealth of information on this issue. For more information, visit Social Security Works Washington.

(Don't Wanna) Work 'Til We Die

If certain congressional members and wealthy CEOs had their way, we'd be working until we die.

Credit: Economic Opportunity Institute


The Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) serves nearly 750,000 current and former public employees and administers eight public retirement systems, 15 retirement plans, and the Deferred Compensation Savings Program. For more about the state's retirement systems, including history, governance and statistical information see Public Pensions in Washington. You can find a wealth of information at

Two Simple Ways You Can Protect Social Security (download pdf)

This one-page fact sheet gives you the contact information for the President and our two U.S. Senators, as well as talking points and facts about Social Security in Washington State. (Produced by Social Security Works/Washington.)

Social Security Lobbying Resource Kit (download kit)

This kit provides fact sheets on Social Security and handy talking points you can use when visiting your congressmembers.

Social Security Works for Washington, August 2010 (download report)

This report provides data on the importance of Social Security for Washington State residents.

"The Commission," a presentation on the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform by Lauren Luchi, AFT Associate Director, at the AFT Retiree Leaders Conference on July 8, 2010 in Seattle (downloadable pdf format).

This presentation uncovers some shocking information about what the members of the commission think the federal government should do to balance the national budget. One of these is to cut entitlement programs like Social Security benefits.

The Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA), is an organization that has been active in fighting for older Americans through a variety of activities, rallies, and education. One of the education activities they conduct are lunch-and-learn forums about Social Security and Medicaid for the public. You can see photos by Garet Munger who attended such a forum at the Kent Senior Center on September 9, 2016:


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