Recommendations on SBCTC's 2013-15 Budget Request

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Investing in faculty and staff with increments, closing the salary gap between part-time and full-time faculty, and aligning salary increases with faculty increases are some of the recommendations that were submitted as part of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) 2013-2015 operating budget. Participating in the discussions were Bernal Baca, our lobbyist; Amy Kinsel, President of Shoreline CC faculty union; Wendy Rader-Konofalski and Carla Naccarato Sinclair, WEA, as well as representatives from the trustees association, college presidents association, and the student association.

SBCTC reviewed these policy and budget recommendations at their board meeting on June 20. The final budget request will be adopted by the board of the SBCTC at their fall board meeting. [Read the full document here.] 

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