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Freedom from What?






Freedom from What?

Everyone who works hard and plays by the rules should thrive in America. As hard-working people who are trying to make a living and support our families, we are working harder and harder to make ends meet. But our system is broken and rules favor corporations and the very wealthy. Indeed, working people are under attack in an attempt to weaken unions and undermine our rights.

The Olympia-based Freedom Foundation has been contacting public employees at their homes and workplaces to convince them to drop their union membership. You can find out more about the Freedom Foundation at the Northwest Accountability Project.

AFT Washington has committed to having a conversation with every member about the benefits of membership, and we will be working with local leaders to engage your membership. For more information, contact Dan Troccoli at AFT Washington at or 206-432-8074 or your labor representative, Nancy Kennedy or Merrilee Miron.

Here are some materials you can download and use for your member engagement efforts and when talking to your members.