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AFT's "Share My Lesson" an Excellent Resource for School Employees

Share My Lesson is a place where anyone who works with students—inside or outside of schools—can come together to share their very best resources. This free platform gives access to high-quality resources and provides an online community where educators and parents can collaborate with, encourage, and inspire each other. It is for:

  • A food service worker who wants to share or find best resources on nutrition.
  • An early childhood educator who has or wants great activities for very young students.
  • A classroom paraprofessional with ideas on how to work with individual students and small groups.

To join Share My Lesson, go to AFT's website at

Current Classified Council Representatives

As of 12/17/20

Diane Hollstrom, Chair (AFT Washington, VP of School-Related Personnel)
Todd Evans  (AFT Renton Classified)
Beth DeCou (AFT Renton Classified)
Kathy Unruh (Tacoma Federation of ParaEducators)
Mary Ege (United Classified Workers, Northshore Chapter)
Carla Powell (United Classified Workers, Northshore Chapter)
Barb Kraupie (United Classified Workers, Issaquah Chapter)
Kathy Chromey (United Classified Workers, Issaquah Chapter)
Sophia Rychner (Federation of Head Start Employees)
Kathy Unruh(Tacoma Federation of Education Support Professionals and AFT Washington, VP of Paraprofessionals))
Jana Quiocho(Tacoma Federation of Education Support Professionals)
Lisa Wolf (Tacoma Federation of Education Support Professionals)


The Classified Council meets the first Saturday of the month (unless rescheduled) during October through June each year. If you are interested in joining the Classified Council, please contact Anna-Marie at 206-475-8775 or