Day 3, Last Day of Faculty Strike

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Stand up, fight back! And that's just what the faculty at Green River College did despite the hostility, retaliation, and threats from the college president and the board of trustees. Wednesday is day three of their strike against unfair labor practices, and the strike has had a huge impact on the college. It's like a ghost town at the main campus. To thank everyone who stood with them in spirit and in person on the picket lines, the faculty are holding a rally at 3:30 PM today at the main campus east entrance, 12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn 98092-3622. Members from other unions, legislators, students, faculty, and AFT Washington staff will be there to support the faculty. Will you? There will be music, dancing, and community! Let's give a great hurrah for the courage, strength, and power of our members! The fight is not over. Eleven programs are still on the chopping block and RIFs are expected because the administration is refusing to stop the cutbacks. We need to keep up the pressure! This is just one step in a series of steps, and the fight will continue.