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Union Spotlight

Union Spotlight, also known as "Spotlight," is an 8-page newsletter that is published on a quarterly basis. Articles are welcome. To submit an article, contact Sylvia Watson, editor, at or 206-432-8084.

Submission dates are:

December 15 for the January-March issue

March 15 for the April - June issue

June 15 for the July-September issue

September 15 for the October-December issue

View the most recent issue of Spotlight here. (Best if viewed in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.)

Past Issues:

March 2017

Jan 2017

August-Oct. 2016

May-July 2016

Oct-Dec 2015

April-June 2015

Jan-March 2015

Jan-March 2014

April-June 2014

July-Sept 2014

Oct-Dec 2014