The 2020 Presidential Primary

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If you are registered to vote in the state of Washington, you have received your ballot by now. Before you vote it, here are some things to know!


Primary FAQ

1.) You must declare a party affiliation

The presidential primary is held to select the candidate that a state prefers for the general election. At this level, it makes sense that you cannot select one party's candidate to run as the other party's nominee. You also should not, as an independent who chooses who to vote for on the merits of each campaign, be selecting either party's candidate. If you do not select a party affiliation, your ballot will not be counted. You will not need to select a party in any other election in this cycle, as you will be voting on nominated candidates.

2.) You can only vote that party.

Once you have selected your party you can only vote in that party's race; you cannot vote both sides of the ballot. If you do, your ballot will be rejected.

3.) Your ballot must be postmarked or in a drop box by 8 PM on Tuesday, March 10th.

Ballots do not require a stamp to mail. A list of drop boxes can be found here, organized by county. 

4.) You cannot re-vote your ballot because your preferred candidate has dropped out of the race.

If your preferred candidate has dropped out of the race after you voted but before March 10th, you cannot re-vote your ballot. Other states have provisions that allow a voter to "spoil" their ballot and vote a fresh one; Washington does not. 

5.) You can check the status of your ballot.

Click here to see if there are any issues with your ballot. In the event the ballot is voted incorrectly (ie, a party not declared, not voting for a candidate no longer in the race) you can re-vote your ballot.

6.) If you would like to, you can vote in person.

Every county has a voting center where registered voters can vote in person.  You can find yours here.

7.) If you are not yet registered to vote, you still can. 

As of March 2nd, it is too late to register to vote by mail, but you can register in person during business hours any time up to end-of-business March 10th and cast a vote in the primary. For more key dates in the electoral process, check out this page



AFT Washington is proud to join our labor family of UFCW 21, Unite HERE Local 8, Postal Workers and others to endorse Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nominee! He represents our union's values and mission, and he is building a movement to repair the damage done by the current administration and implement policies and programs that benefit working people. For a fuller look at the Board's reasoning, you can read our post on Facebook