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AFT Washington Retiree Chapter Newsletter

625 Andover Park West, Suite 111

Tukwila, WA 98188


Jan/Feb 2017
  • Much Work Lies Ahead
  • Retiree Action in Brief
  • Date for Next Annual Meeting
  • Seattle Central College, 50 Years Ago
  • Janet Ray: Reflections on a College Legacy
  • Astrida Onat on The First Year
  • Michael Kischner: Something Big
  • Marcia Barton: The Pleasant Surprise
  • From the "Twitterverse"
  • Impact > Intent
  • Don't Be LIke Them!
  • Ross Rieder & Sinclair Lewis
  • Gail Pearlman: We Must Resist!
  • Marilyn Smith: Seeing What We Don't Often See 
  • Roger Carlstrom on Archives, Paper, & Thumb Drives
Oct/Nov 2016
  • There's Much to Know about Social Security and Medicare, and Much to be Done to Improve Them
  • Retiree Action in Brief
  • AFTWA 2016 General Election Endorsements
  • Rosemary Thurston on EpiPen & Medicare
  • David Remnick on Donald Trump
  • Seattle Central College Going on 50
  • Entries from the Editor's Inbox
  • Ross Rieder with More about Solidarity Day, 1981
  • David McCourt on His Life So Far
  • Roger Carlstrom: The Presidential Campaign
July/Aug 2016
  • Retiree Chapter Annual Meeting
  • Retiree Action in Brief
  • Glenda Hanson on COPE & the Primaries
  • Two Poems by Elaine Smith
  • Jelani Cobb on Charleston One Year Later
  • Mann & Ornstein on the Future and on the Present-day Republican Party
  • J.M. Gilbert's Short History of Civilization
  • Ross Rieder on the Dearth of Labor History in the Schools
  • Sid Smith: Prospero's Farewell
  • Michael Kischner on National Monuments
  • Roger Carlstrom on Mann & Ornstein
  • COPE Contribution Form
April/May 2016
  • Retiree Chapter Annual Meeting
  • Retiree Action in Brief
  • Glenda Hanson on COPE
  • Rosemary Thurston: Make Drug Prices Negotiable!
  • Mary Hale Sings the COLA Blues
  • "Microagression" in Higher Education
  • Al Brisbois's Chronicle
  • How will the Mariners Do?
  • Ross Rieder: Solidarity Day 1981
  • Jeffrey Toobin on Justice Scalia
  • Marcia Barton on Throwing Rocks
  • Roger Carlstrom on ODR
Jan/Feb 2016
  • Mary Hale on Initiative 735
  • Glenda Hanson: Join COPE in 2016
  • National AFT Executive Council: Vote for Hillary!
  • SAVE Benefits Act Introduced in The Senate
  • K. Ann McCartney on White Privilege
  • Flicks for Pols
  • How Universities Have Changed Over 20 Years
  • Ross Rieder: Professors Out to Lunch
  • Three Poems by Rachael Levine
  • Mary Hale on Retirement Years Not Turning Out to Be What We Expect
  • Marilyn Smith on Love
  • Roger Carlstrom: "Fictive Language" in Our Lives
Oct/Nov 2015
  • Mary Hale on the Volunteer Work of the Chapter Executive Board
  • Glenda Hanson on Social Security, Medicare, & Student Loans
  • Scrap the Cap!
  • Karen Strickland Reflects on August 8 in Seattle
  • "Silver Alert" News
  • Initiative 735 & Citizens United
  • Kathy Long on the Service of the People's Memorial Association
  • Giles Shephard on the Surprises in Retirement
  • Norm Lindquist: Patching Some Holes
  • Ross Rieder on What He's Reading
  • Michael Kischner on "Old and "Older"
  • Roger Carlstrom: What Happens to All that Money?
July/Aug 2015
  • Annual Meeting Highlights
  • Mary Hale Thanks Ross Rieder
  • Medicare 50th Birthday Celebration in Spokane
  • Social Security & Medicare Decades of Success Celebration in Seattle
  • Special Note from Susan Levy
  • Rosemary Thurston on Secondary Health Insurance
  • Judy Kjellman: Part Time Teaching & Retirement
  • Michael T. Harves Goes for It
  • Lucy Macneil on Taking One Small Step
  • Roger Carlstrom on Dilbert
April/May 2015
  • Take Note - The Annual Meeting is Coming UP!
  • Proposed Bylaws Amendment
  • PNLHA Conference
  • What to Expect from the Mariners
  • Bill Faller to be Honored
  • Marcia Barton on "Advisories"
  • A February Vacation in Alabama
  • Ross Rieder Looks Back
  • A Poem by Angelica Guillen
  • Mary Hale on the Legislature
  • Marilyn Smith on the Life Inside
  • Roger Carlstrom: The Voting Rights Act in Yakima
Jan/Feb 2015
  • The Legacy Workshop was a Hit!
  • Mary Hale on the Workshop
  • Fair Pay for Women Campaign
  • Three Poems by Sandra Schroeder
  • Gary London Reflects on Ten Years of Retirement
  • Michael Kischner & Sid Smith on Trigger Warnings
  • Ross Rieder on the American Labor Movement
  • Roger Carlstrom: Alan Dershowitz & The Declaration of Independence
Oct/Nov 2014
  • Don't Miss the Upcoming "Personal Legacy" Interactive Workshop!
  • Let Us Hear From You!
  • Rachael Levine on Initiatives 591 & 594
  • Mary Hale: Bait & Switch in the Legislature
  • Kristin Elia's Path to Victory
  • J.B. Hanna on Not Voting in the 4th Congressional District
  • Social Security & the "Guardians of Privilege"
  • Big Win for Everett CC Counselors
  • Voices from Yakima on Trigger Warnings: Linda Clein Brown, Duane Reed, & Sid Smith
  • Ross Rieder on the Roosevelts
  • Al Brisbois on Apology & Forgiveness in Tacoma
  • Roger Carlstrom: The Myth of E Pluribus Unum
July/Aug 2014
  • We Had a Delightful Annual Meeting!
  • Here are the Results of Our Membership Survey
  • Mary Hale on Politics
  • Save the Date for an Interactive Workshop on Your Personal Legacy
  • Robby Stern on Progess with Social Security
  • Burt Weston on Landmines & the Electoral College
  • Ruth McCormick on Spies & More
  • Mary Hale : Living with Alzheimer's Disease
  • Rachael Levine on Today
  • Marcia Barton: Monks & the NRA
  • Roger Carlstrom on Speech, Privacy & Donald Sterling
  • Ross Rieder on Joining the Union
April/May 2014
  • It's spring - it's time for The Annual Meeting!
  • Look for our opinion survey in April
  • Update on the Contribution Campaign
  • Cautionary Note on Medicare
  • Penelope Lively Celebrates her 81st Birthday
  • Mary Hale's Updates
  • Michael Kischner on David Brooks
  • Carol Hamilton on The Seattle Labor Chorus
  • Marilyn Smith on Things
  • Roger Carlstrom on The Boys in the Boat
Jan/Feb 2014
  • Rita Smilkstein Returns to the Chapter Executive Board
  • I'm Dedicated to Being an Educator
  • Normal Forgetfulness & Memory Loss
  • Mary Hale's Political Report
  • The Boeing Pension Issue and Responses to It by Michael T. Harves and Ross Rieder
  • Jackie Herum on Caregiving & Advocacy
  • Roger Carlstrom on Life
  • A Note on Links to Internet Sites
Oct/Nov 2013
  • AFT's Reclaiming the Promise
  • The ARA & Medicare
  • Help with Nursing Home Problems
  • Susan Levy on Discrimination in Religiously Affiliated Medical Facilities
  • Ross Rieder: A Progress Report
  • Elaine Smith Defends the Yakima River Basin Water Plan
  • J. Kaye Faulkner: Egypt 46 Years Ago
  • Nancy Moore on Fashion in Retirement
  • Roger Carlstrom on Cribbage
July/Aug 2013
  • Robby Stern Showed Us the Way at the Annual Meeting, by Rosemary Thurston
  • Remembrances of Will Parry & Larry Kenney by Ross Rieder, Al Brisbois, Susan Levy, & Rachael Levine
  • Mary Hale's Take on the Legislative Sessions
  • Notes from the Annual Meeting
  • Phyllis Topham on Getting the Attention of Generation X
  • Roger Carlstrom Ponders "Geezerhood"
April/May 2013
  • May 14 is the Date of Our Annual Meeting!
  • Susan Levy & Mary Hale: A Proposal
  • Proposed Bylaws Amendment
  • Ross Rieder on Anniversaries
  • Mary Hale: The COLA Suit and the Legislature
  • John James on Another Anniversary
  • Marilyn Smith: The Root Cause
  • Roger Carlstrom: Puzzled
Jan/Feb 2013
  • We'll be 10 in May!
  • Ross Reider: What We've Done
  • Our Charter Members
  • Rachael Levine: Doors We've Opened
  • Mary Hale: Retiree Political Involvement & Good COLA news
  • Rosemary Thurston on Retirement as a Work in Progress
  • Elaine Smith: Water Enhancement in the Yakima River Basin
  • Roger Carlstrom: In Memory of Mildred McBride
Oct/Nov 2012
  • Ross Reider: Here We Go Again!
  • Reaching Out to Local Treasurers & Prospective Retirees
  • Hale on Politics and the Courts
  • J. Kaye Faulkner: The Green River Strike
  • Lucy Macneil on the Retirement Decision
  • Marcia Barton on Communities & Public Schools
  • Roger Carlstrom on Being Right and Winning
July/Aug 2012
  • Ross Reider: You don't need a law to do the right thing!
  • Mary Hale on Pensioners in Waiting & COPE
  • J. B. Hanna: Protecting Our Assets
  • Michael Kischner on the Charter-Schools Initiative
  • Hal Green on Harry Reid and the Filibuster
  • Roger Carlstrom introduces Bill Faller
April/May 2012
  • Annual Luncheon & Meeting
  • Ross Reider: Lessons Learned from Another Time
  • Mary Hale on Politics
  • A Special Note on our Membership Survey
  • Larry Lowther: The Government as Enemy?
  • Rachael Levine Considers Some Things
  • Roger Carlstrom: Fighting to Save GPS
  • Judy Kjellman on Taking the Retirement Plunge
Jan/Feb 2012
  • Legislate this, boys & girls
  • Switch from snail mail to e-mail
  • Here's a "heads up" on events coming in the spring
  • The Annual Meeting
  • Retirees have an important role to play
  • How collective bargaining came to Eastern Washington University
  • We had a great opportunity!
  • It was a time to act
  • Please help me tell the story of Local 1789
  • We pile on the years
Oct/Nov 2011
  • AARP doesn’t get it, but the ARA does!
  • Chapter Executive Board Vacancy
  • Political Happenings in Brief
  • Social Security and Medicare are vital programs
  • Collective bargaining for four-year faculty did not come easily
  • Retiring with children can be  rewarding!
  • Yakima artist knows how he got his start
June 2011 
  • We had a very good time at the annual meeting!
  • K. Ann McCartney steps down from executive board
  • The biennial budget brought much pain to many
  • NWLC speaks to the importance of Social Security to women and families
  • Perhaps “character words” are in order for retirees
  • Make your own retirement recipe!
  • A granny rages
  • Whither the telephone?
  • Miscellany
April 2011
  • Annual luncheon & meeting will be held May 18 in Tukwila
  • Retiree lifestyles workshop was a grand success!
  • You can reach any U.S. senator at a single 800 number
  • Earthwatch will be discussed at the chapter’s annual luncheon meeting
  • The news is mostly bad for retirees, both statewide and nationally
  • Progressive talk radio provides alternatives to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh
  • Let’s not forget what unions have done for all of us
February 2011
  • Protecting Social Security
  • Retiree Lifestyles Workshop - We'd Like Your Help!
  • Annual Luncheon & Meeting Coming Up!
  • Earthwatch Workshop Coming in May
  • Retiree Voices
  • My Short Flirtation, and Its Happy Ending
  • Understanding & Enjoying 20th Century Classical Music
  • What I "Knew" Then, and What I know Now
  • What Happens When You Don't Give Up!
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