SEBB open enrollment ends November 15th - read our FAQ

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SEBB starts January 1, 2020

AFT Washington members must make a choice on their benefits.


The enrollment period for SEBB is limited and AFT Washington members must choose their benefits. There are multiple choices for health benefits at varied prices, and additional benefits available. We want to encourage and support our members in choosing the benefits that best work for them and their families.



Q. When do benefits start, and who is covered?

A. Benefits start in January 2020 and covers all K-12 public school employees in Washington who are anticipated to work 630 hours in a school year, which averages to 3.5 hours per day over 180 days. This includes any and all hours worked in a district. Health care options for retirees remain unchanged. Those eligible to participate in the state health care system will continue to enroll in the PEBB (Public Employees Benefits Board) Program.


Q. What medical plans are available through SEBB?

A. The medical insurance plans available through SEBB vary based on county and school district. You can find more information here.


Q. What dental and vision plans are available?

A. All SEBB dental and vision plans are offered statewide. Service provider networks vary by plan, so employees should check to see if their dentists and eye doctors are covered. How to find that information is included in the enrollment guide mailed in September.


Q. Can school employees opt out of coverage?

A. You can waive coverage if you are enrolled in another employer-sponsored plan, TRICARE (military), or Medicare.

Q. What happens if I don’t choose a plan?

A. Your previous employer plan selection will not roll over into the new SEBB Program. You would automatically be enrolled into a UMP Achieve One plan with a monthly premium of $33.00 and an additional monthly charge of $25.00 as a smoker. You also would not be eligible to change your plan unless you have a change in employment, have a qualifying life event, or reach open enrollment the following year. Your dependents will not be included in this auto-enrollment plan.


Q. Does everybody have to provide updated dependent care information?

A. Yes, if you have dependents that need coverage, you will need to provide that information during open enrollment. More information about who qualifies as a dependent can be found here.


Q. Why do domestic partners need to be married or registered with the state in order to be eligible for benefits?

A. When the state granted same-sex couples the right to legally marry, it changed the rules regarding domestic partnership. As a result, most same-sex couples will need to be married in order to claim their partner as a dependent. The primary exception is if one partner is 62 or older.


Open Enrollment ends November 15 – enroll today!