Benefits and Resources for Part-Time, Adjunct Faculty

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New Unemployment Law for Part-Time Faculty
March 2005
including 9 month/12 month College Designations for Unemployment
Mader Settlement: Part-time college instructors retirement
benefits class action
Health Care
Mader Settlement: Part-time community college faculty obtain
health insurance settlement


New "2005 Best Employment Practices for Part-time Faculty" Task Force Recommendations

Part-time Bargaining Issues

Why join the union at more than one college?

Research Report on Part-time Faculty in Washington Community and Technical Colleges , SBCTC, June 1998 (available in various formats)

Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreements at Community and Technical Colleges, SBCTC

What has your union done for you lately?

Equity for part-time faculty is a high priority for AFT Washington. We have been working on equity issues in the state legislature since 1984. Find out what we have accomplished.


Campus Equity Week

AFT Statement on Part-Time Faculty Employment

Campus Report Card

Two-year college funding fact sheet

AFT Campus Equity Week



AFT Higher Education Part-Time Faculty Web Site:

AFT Sample Contract Language on Part-time/Adjunct and Full-time Nontenure Track Faculty Issues (pdf format, 159 pages) from the AFT 2004 National Higher Ed Issues Conference

Community College Week, a publication for community and technical colleges